Upgrading Gitblit GO (1.7.0+)

The default gitblit.properties file has been split into two files: gitblit.properties, which is the recommended file for setting your configuration, and defaults.properties which are Gitblit's default settings.

# Include Gitblit's 'defaults.properties' within your configuration.
# SINCE 1.7.0
include = defaults.properties

Notice that the default settings are included by your gitblit.properties file. The disadvantage to this approach is you must flip between discovering/reading the settings in defaults.properties and setting them in gitblit.properties, but there are some clear advantages too. This setup is not required. You may continue to keep all your settings in gitblit.properties like before.

Additionally you may find it useful if you are maintaining several Gitblit instances to share common properties files.

Upgrading Gitblit GO (1.2.1+)

  1. Unzip Gitblit GO to a new folder
  2. Set the --baseFolder argument to point to your old data folder
  3. Review and optionally apply any new settings as indicated in the release log to data/gitblit.properties.

In *nix systems or Windows Vista/7/8, there are other tricks you can play like symlinking the data folder or symlinking the GO folder.
All platforms support the --baseFolder command-line argument.

Upgrading Gitblit GO (pre-1.2.1)

  1. Create a data folder and copy the following files and folders to it:

    • users.conf
    • projects.conf (if you have one)
    • gitblit.properties
    • serverKeystore.jks
    • serverTrustStore.jks
    • certs folder
    • git folder
    • groovy folder
    • proposals folder
    • and any other custom files (robots.txt, welcome/login markdown files, etc)
    • then edit your gitblit.properties file and adjust the following settings:
      • git.repositoriesFolder = ${baseFolder}/git
      • groovy.scriptsFolder = ${baseFolder}/groovy
      • groovy.grapeFolder = ${baseFolder}/groovy/grape
      • web.projectsFile = ${baseFolder}/projects.conf
      • realm.userService = ${baseFolder}/users.conf
      • web.robots.txt = ${baseFolder}/robots.txt
      • federation.proposalsFolder = ${baseFolder}/proposals
      • realm.ldap.backingUserService = ${baseFolder}/users.conf
      • realm.redmine.backingUserService = ${baseFolder}/users.conf
      • server.tempFolder = ${baseFolder}/temp
  2. Unzip Gitblit GO to a new folder

  3. Copy your data folder and overwrite the folder of the same name in the just-unzipped version
  4. Review and optionally apply any new settings as indicated in the release log to data/gitblit.properties.

NOTE: You may need to adjust your service definitions to include the --baseFolder data argument.

Upgrading Windows Service

You may need to delete your old service definition and install a new one depending on what has changed in the release.