Client App Menus

SINCE 1.3.0

Gitblit supports defining menus for native platform git client clone urls. By default, Gitblit ships with client definitions for Git, SmartGit/Hg, SourceTree, Tower, and Github for Mac & Windows. Gitblit uses the browser's user-agent to help filter the list of available clients in addition to served transports and user access permissions.

You can define new client integrations and deactivate/remove the default integrations by creating a file $(baseFolder}/clientapps.json.

Example definitions

        "name": "SmartGit/Hg",
        "title": "syntevo SmartGit/Hg\u2122",
        "description": "a Git client for Windows, Mac, & Linux",
        "legal": "\u00a9 2013 syntevo GmbH. All rights reserved.",
        "cloneUrl": "smartgit://cloneRepo/${repoUrl}",
        "productUrl": "",
        "platforms": [ "windows", "macintosh", "linux" ],
        "icon": "smartgithg_32x32.png",
        "isActive": true
        "name": "GitHub",
        "title": "GitHub\u2122 for Windows",
        "description": "a free Git client for Windows",
        "legal": "\u00a9 2013 GitHub. All rights reserved.",
        "cloneUrl": "github-windows://openRepo/${repoUrl}",
        "productUrl": "",
        "transports": [ "http", "https" ],
        "platforms": [ "windows" ],
        "icon": "github_32x32.png",
        "isActive": true
        "name": "SparkleShare",
        "title": "SparkleShare\u2122",
        "description": "an open source collaboration and sharing tool",
        "legal": "released under the GPLv3 open source license",
        "cloneUrl": "sparkleshare://addProject/${baseUrl}/sparkleshare/${repoUrl}.xml",
        "productUrl": "",
        "platforms": [ "windows", "macintosh", "linux" ],
        "icon": "sparkleshare_32x32.png",
        "minimumPermission" : "RW+",
        "isActive": false