Setting up Bugtraq

SINCE 1.4.0

Bugtraq is a specification started by Syntevo & supported by Gitblit to establish a standard to define and parse commit messages for linkable text.

Why do I care?

It's a portable way for your repository to have linkable issue, pull request, change-id, etc text fragments. SmartGit/Hg and Gitblit both use the reference implementation available in the aforementioned Github project so if you configure Bugtraq for one you automatically get linked text in the other.

How do I define the configuration?

You add a .gitbugtraq file to the root of your repository on the default branch.

This file is formatted like a standard Git config file. Here are some quick examples:

[bugtraq "googlecode"]
    url =
    logregex = "[Ii]ssues?:?(\\s*(,|and)?\\s*#?\\d+)+\n(\\d+)"

[bugtraq "gerrit"]
    url = ",%BUGID%,n,z"
    logregex = "Change-Id:\\s*(I[A-Fa-f0-9]{40})"

[bugtraq "jira"]
    url =
    logregex = (JRA-\\d+)

[bugtraq "github"]
    url = ""
    loglinkregex = "(?:pull request|pull|pr)\\s*[-#]?[0-9]+"
    logregex = "\\d+"
    loglinktext = "pull request #%BUGID%"