Scaling Gitblit

My experience with scaling Gitblit to be very large is from interacting with those who do run very large Gitblit or Gerrit installs.

Configuring Big JGit Servers

-Xmx8g # gobs of JVM heap

# for `jgit daemon` or gerrit.config
    packedGitLimit = 4g # around 50% of JVM heap
    packedGitOpenFiles = 8192 # don't forget to configure ulimit
    streamFileThreshold = 2047m # avoids pathological inflate
    deltaBaseCacheLimit = 50m

# applies to `jgit gc`
    bigFileThreshold = 20m # don't delta compress big binaries
    indexVersion = 2 # use index v2

-- Shawn Pearce, co-team lead on JGit @ Google (slides)

How does these Gerrit settings apply to Gitblit?

Gerrit & Gitblit are both JGit-based servers. They have similar configuration options. Here are the relevant Gitblit settings:

git.packedGitLimit = 4g
git.packedGitOpenFiles = 8192
git.streamFileTreshold = 2047m
git.deltaBaseCacheLimit = 50m