Gitblit as a Viewer

Gitblit is designed to be a complete Git server solution, however you may already have a Git serving solution such as ssh+gitolite or Gerrit. For these scenarios, you may configure Gitblit to be just a repository viewer.

Lock-down your Viewer

Here is an example configuration that disables all administration, all Git serving features, and requires an authenticated user to view anything.

git.repositoriesFolder = ${baseFolder}/git
git.cacheRepositoryList = true
git.searchRepositoriesSubfolders = true
git.searchRecursionDepth = -1
git.searchExclusions =
git.daemonPort = 0
git.enableGitServlet = false
git.enableGarbageCollection = false
git.defaultAccessRestriction = VIEW
web.authenticateViewPages = true
web.allowAdministration = false
web.enableRpcServlet = false
web.enableRpcManagement = false
web.enableRpcAdministration = false
web.allowForking = false

Tomcat or Reverse-Proxy Servers

If you are running Gitblit on a Tomcat-based container you will likely run into forward-slash character troubles.

To resolve this either set:

web.mountParameters = false


web.forwardSlashCharacter = !

Advertised Repository Urls

You may also want to advertise repository urls for your other Git serving solution from Gitblit.

The username is only practical if you have setup the account names for your other git serving solution to match the Gitblit account.

web.otherUrls = ssh://localhost/git/{0} git://localhost:29418/git/{0} https://{1}@localhost/r/{0}